Digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India now. Until 2009, many businesses did not take this field seriously. They were not ready to change and want stay with traditional marketing practices.

While surfing the internet, you come across with various content like memes, GIF, irritating ads or some viral content. Do you ever wish of creating all that things, if yes then you can build your career in Digital Marketing field? If any question arises in your mind that how can I build my career in Digital Marketing field or what is scope in Digital marketing field then this blog surely convinced you to make your career in digital marketing field.


Why Digital Marketing?

  • It is a progressive field, you have to keep updated with technology because it is fast growing technology.
  • According to the study digital economy is 10 times fast growing technology as compared to the traditional economy.
  • It provides you with various career option like a developer, designer, content writer etc.

Main Roles in Digital Marketing

We can say that that is one of the highest positions in the field of Digital Marketing. To attain this position you must have 4 to 8 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager looking after overall Marketing Development.

  • Web Designer and Developers

These peoples are responsible for making amazing websites available on internet.  For Web designer and developer you have to prior knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and web programming is must require. Web designer’s work is front end work and Web developer work is back end work. Web developers understand how computers and web servers operate.

Social Media Manager is one of the coolest jobs but you must require keeping a check on latest social media trends and various strategies and according to the strategy you have to convince and coordinate your team on regular basis. Responsibilities of Social media manager is to manage social media campaigns and day to day activity. Manage presence in social networking site, and write editorial content.

SEO Executives are responsible for getting traffic on the particular website of your company. That’s why companies hire SEO Experts. If your website is well designed but no use of it if it is not promoted. An SEO expert identifies the company goals and understands who the target audience is. After that, he makes strategies to getting traffic on websites.

  • Pay Per Click Expert

When we surf the internet and see some useful or irritating ads on any site or web page, that is created by PPC expert. This time many companies required PPC expert to generate leads for the company. The responsibilities of PPC expert is to manage PPC account on daily basis on various search platform for a variety of clients.

  • Content Writer

If you think, you are a good writer or you can write better than other than you can build your career as a content writer. Responsibilities of a content writer are is to create content that has all qualities going viral, or promoted well through SEO. Firstly make sure you have a good knowledge of English language along with a lot of creativity.

How Can I Start

You don’t require a special degree to get into digital marketing but a certification in Digital marketing will definitely help to find your dream job.

WhatIsSEO Academy offers career enhancement Course in Digital Marketing that covers all the aspects of digital marketing. So don’t wait and join WhatIsSEO Academy to build your career in the field of digital marketing.

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